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  • High Quality Chemicals and 24/7 Assistance. Call us today!

  • High Quality Chemicals and 24/7 Assistance. Call us today!

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Products & Services

Get a customized treatment program for your specific system.

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Delivery Options

See the variety of delivery options we have to transport chemicals to you.

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Corrosion Control

Monitor corrosion of lead, copper, and steel with product lab testing.

From the Source to the Tap–Shannon Chemical Excels!

Mission Statement

Started in 1971, our mission at Shannon Chemical Corporation is to provide our customers with top quality products that will result in effective treatment programs.

We work with you to find a treatment plan that works and is cost effective. We pride ourselves in our work and that is why we are recognized as a top leader in our industry.

Shannon Chemical Corporation is a leading producer of phosphates and phosphate blends for use in municipal drinking water. Our products and proven effective treatment programs are used by the largest utilities and cities in the country.


With over 44 years in business, our reputation is that of quality and experience. Many of our customers have been with us for years and are happy with the products & services provided. Many of our employees have been with us for over 25 years, ensuring the knowledge and work excellence that our customers expect of us.

Being a leader in the chemical industry, we hold ourselves to high standards of quality. Our in-house customer service team takes care of your concerns and our technical support team can help with your questions. With our products, we use only the best chemicals available. We ensure prompt delivery on time with a fleet of our company owned and operated trucks and trailers.

Ensure that your water supply is treated with the best chemicals, call Shannon Chemical Corporation today!